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Photovoltaic power generation control systems to high-performance digital processing chip (KSP) for the control of the core, with LCD liquid crystal display, in both Chinese and English menu operation, with RS232/485 communications interface for remote control; PC monitoring software measurable real-time data, mine information and alarm installations.

The system itself also has peak power tracking (MPPT) function, is a component of the solar cell power output, photovoltaic power generation system to the maximum output power points. The MPPT a DC/AC converter, the company Philips 80C552 microprocessor MPPT as the central control unit (ECU), the solar arrays to achieve maximum power point tracking. Inverter with the United States for 16 Intel microprocessor control, the main circuit using Japan''''s most advanced intelligent IGBT power module (IPM), with full protection of small and waveform distortion characteristics, maximum improved product stability and efficiency.

The whole system is anti-reverse, anti-filling, the filling, Guo Fang, output overload, the float voltage and temperature compensation function. System reliability of the need to achieve remote monitoring.

This system can be used for power generation families, factories and other places; For customers DC12V/24V/48V, AC220V/380V output voltage. Designed to customer requirements.