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Solarica Products

Solarica strongly believes the future belongs to clean energies. Renewable energies such as solar and wind can be utilized for the benefit of mankind and our planet. The latest solar cell techologies have made it practical and economically justified to go forward this future. Solarica engineering expertise, the line of products and it's strategic partners have made it possible to bring to you many wonderful solar powered applications, from simple solar garden light to complex commercial lighting, water pump to electricty generation systems for your home and businesses. Our mission is enabling solar energy as today solutions that benefit all of us!

Solar energy is clean, renewable and environmental friendly. Solar powered products help saving money, creating better environment for us and future generations.

Solar Power Systems


Solarica provides complete solar power generation systems. We offer PV modules, Multi Crystalline Silicon and Film. System components such as Inverters, Array Combiner Box, DC Protection, AC Protection, Transformers, Batteries.

Solar Water Pumps



Solar Power Lights


Solarica solar lights covers a broad range of your needs. Floor Tile Lights, Street Lights, Garden Lights, Spot Lights, Walk Lights, Deck Lights, Wall Lights, and many more.